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dance class descriptions

Class Descriptions – Classes are designed to introduce students to the terminology and techniques of the different dance disciplines. Coordination and skill achievement are the main goals of this program. The classes offered are for both the serious student as well as the student who is taking class for his or her own pleasure and well-being. This is a recital-based program unless otherwise indicated.

Tiny Tots (3, 4, 5 year olds)

These classes are designed to introduce dance movement and some basic terminology to the students. The 30 minute class will introduce ballet, tap, and stretches. These are non-pressure classes with an emphasis on fun and learning.


Combined Tap & Jazz class for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade students. They learn basic & advanced beginner terminology, adding on with progressions and combinations across the floor. Most classes will start with Jazz warm-ups. Placement is at the discretion of the teaching staff.


Combined Tap & Jazz class for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. They learn basic and advanced beginner terminology.

Lil' Pros

Combined Tap & Jazz class for 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students. They learn advanced beginner and intermediate levels terminology, with the appropriate levels of progressions and combinations across the floor.


Combined Tap and Jazz classes for the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students. These will be broken down into two levels. Intermediates 1 will be a beginner class for older students with either no or minimal dance background. Intermediates 2 will be the natural successor to the Lil Pros program with intermediate and advanced level terminology with the appropriate levels of progression and combinations across the floor. Placement is at the discretion of the teaching class.

Senior Pros

Combined Tap and Jazz class for the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade student. These are the most advanced levels of Tap and Jazz offered, besides our competition level classes. The students will be offered advanced terminology and advanced progressions and combinations across the floor. Placement is at the discretion of the teaching staff.

Competition Classes

Combined Tap and Jazz classes for grades 7-12. These are very intense classes with a minimum of 1 competition in April, possibly more. You must take at least 1 Ballet class per week in addition to your Competition class. You must also participate in our Annual Nutcracker Show, and any other additional shows as needed.

There are additional fees for these classes to cover miscellaneous expenses, such as competition fees, costume pieces, props, etc. These classes are only intended for the most serious dance student. The work is hard, but the gratification is enormous!

Competition Group Information & Contract download (pdf)

Ballet I

These classes will introduce the basic terms, steps and positions of ballet. The class is designed to develop grace and coordination.

Ballet II, III, IV, V, & Company

These classes will further develop the concepts learned in Ballet I. Each class is progressively more technical with emphasis on longer combinations. Ballet Company is by audition and placement only.


By permission of instructor. A solid foundation of intermediate to advanced Ballet technique is required for Pointe work. The instructor will determine if a student is technically and physically capable of dancing on pointe.


Starting from the beginning and becoming progressively more difficult, these classes offer the student one of the most popular forms of dance today. Classes include terminology, combinations and routines.


Jazz is a free-style form of movement utilizing today’s most popular music Classes consist of warm-ups, stretches, traveling steps and combinations culminating in routines.


Children will learn acrobatic and floor work skills starting with the basics and becoming more challenging. No equipment offered.


Modern dance incorporates basic ballet skills with Graham & Horton techniques. Must take Ballet II concurrently.


Employs ballet techniques with an emphasis on interpretation of the lyrics. Must be enrolled in Ballet II level or higher to take class.

Hip Hop

Using basic Jazz techniques with street and funk styles to today’s popular music. The levels of technique and choreography increases with each higher level.

Ballet / Hip Hop / Pointe / Jazz / Modern / Lyrical

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