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Rates 2016 - 2017*
Single Class Payment $20.00
Single Tiny Tot 3 Class (30 mins) $12.00
Single Tiny Tot 4/5 Class (45 mins) $13.00
30 Minute Class (monthly) $46.00
45 Minute Class (monthly) $48.00
60 Minute Class (monthly) $57.00
payment is due the first class of each month  
Tuition Schedule
Registration Fee - A one-time yearly fee of $33.00 will be paid by everyone enrolling in the REDANCERS dance studio curriculum. This fee covers your insurance and is nonrefundable. Tuition is the same for each month regardless of how many classes there are in a month.
Tuition - Dance Classes and Program are based on a 10 month (September - June) enrollment and are broken down into 10 installments for your convenience. There is a June tuition payment due regardless of when the recital is held. Classes will continue until the last Saturday in June. No refunds for absences; makeups only.
Dance Program Payment Schedule - Payments broken down into 10 installments
  • 1st payment is Class Rate plus $10
  • 3% discount if year's tuition is paid in full by Sept. 30
  • All other payments are classes as registered for

Class Hours - Tiny Tots 3 classes are 30 minutes and Tiny Tots 4 & 5 are 45 minutes, all other classes are 60 minutes, unless otherwise stated. Tuition is nonrefundable. Make-ups are available. (See Rules below)

Each student should register in person. Class placement is determined by the instructor. During the first few weeks, class changes will occasionally be made, but they are always done with the student's best interests in mind.

*Second class and all additional classes are $5.00 less up to and including the third class or child. After the 3rd class or 3rd child the rates remain the same.
Rules and Regulations
  • Students must remain inside the school until parents or other designated persons arrive to pick them up.
  • No smoking in the building at any time.
  • No gum chewing in class.
  • Make-up dance classes (due to illness only): Parents must phone the studio on the day of absence to arrange for make-up classes. Extended unexcused absences will result in the student's being dropped from the program.
  • Disciplinary problems will result in being dropped from the program.
  • All dance wear (shoes) must be labeled. Studio is not responsible for loss of personal items.
  • Ballet class dress code required (see below)
REDancers Ballet Dress Code
Ballet 1
White Ballet Suit (any style)
No tights (Sept-Nov / Apr-May)
White tights (Dec-Mar)
Pink slippers / no leg warmers
2nd year students may wear sheer white skirt.
Ballet 2
White Body Suit (any style)
Pink tights
Pink slippers / no leg warmers
2nd year students may wear sheer white skirt.
Ballet 3
Pink Body Suit (any style)
Pink tights
Pink slippers
Pink sheer skirt (no prints allowed)
Pink leg warmers (winter months only)
Ballet 4 and 5 / Adult Ballet
Black body suit (any style)
Pink tights
Pink slippers
Black sheer skirt
Pink toe shoes (only if requested by teacher)
Pink leg warmers
Ballet Performing Group
Black body suit (any style)
Pink tights
Pink slippers
No skirt
No leg warmers
Pink toe shoes (only if requested by teacher)

For all of the above classes, hair must be worn in a classic ballet bun, with all hair pulled off the face and held securely for the duration of the class. Hair that is too short to be worn in a bun must be clipped back neatly.
Studio Closings 2016-17
  • October 31 ..............................Halloween
  • November 22-25 ......................... Thanksgiving
  • December 25- January 1 ............... Holiday Break
  • February 19-23 ............................ Winter Break
  • March 30 - April 7......................... Spring Break
  • May 28 ........................................ Memorial Day
    Last day of class June 23, 2018.
Call the studio, 631-727-3998, for emergency closings due to inclement weather. Holiday closings will be posted during the school year.

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