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May / June  2019

1) Combined May and June tuition is due. All money must be paid up in full by May 30, 2019, including tuition. If bills are not paid in full, STUDENT WILL NOT DANCE. Cash or credit cards only for all payments after May 18,2019. NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED, after May 18,2019.

2)TICKETS:  Tickets will go on sale Saturday, June 8,2019 at 2:00pm until 5:00pm at the Studio. Tickets will be general admission. Ticket price is $22.00. Everyone over  the age of 2 needs a ticket.   No tickets will be sold ahead of June 8, and no tickets will be held. There are no refunds on tickets, for any reason. Do not lose or misplace them.

3)Tickets  can be purchased by cash, check, or credit card. Since the seating is general admission, there is no need to wait on line on the morning of ticket sales to receive a "number".  The day of the show, the house will be open half an hour before show time, and there will be NO saving of seats. Seating will be done in an orderly manner. The class sizes are small, and everyone can  be seen.

4)PHOTOS: Picture Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019. Schedule shooting begins after 2:00pm. Schedules will be handed out with costumes. Photos can be paid by cash, checks, and credit cards. PLEASE CONSIDER TAKING THE CLASS PHOTO. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THEM, BUT FOR THE CLASS PICTURE, IT IS ALWAYS NICE TO HAVE A FULL CLASS. Regular classes will still be held at their regular time on that day. Pictures will take place after class time.

5) COSTUMES: All  costumes will be distributed starting the week of May 20 through May 25. 2019, during class time.
 In order to receive your costumes, all outstanding balances, in both tuition and costumes must  be paid in full, through and including May. If you are more than 1 month in arrears (meaning you owe more than May tuition), you will not receive your costumes until all tuition is paid up through and including June. Also, this payment will be in cash only. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.  If you are not sure if you owe anything, please check at the desk. If, in the past you have bounced checks, only cash will be accepted for the final payments. Please don't wait until the day the costumes are being handed out, to find out you still owe! I don't like seeing children cry because they cannot take home their costumes.
 NO COSTUMES will be handed out to unaccompanied children, at the Tiny Tots level. Parents or supervising adults must accompany their child as they try on costumes, to make sure they fit, and that all the pieces are there. To facilitate the fittings, on that day, please wear a body suit and tights. (Not leggings and a tee-shirt). Also, bring a paper bag to put all the costume pieces in. The Studio will not be responsible for lost pieces, and all pieces are necessary for participation in the recital. Also, if on that day, moms or other females (not dads) could help with the costumes, it makes it alot easier.

6) JOURNAL ADS must be in by May 25, 2019. Please get those ads in. If you lost your form, there are extras in the studio, or they can be downloaded from the website, www.redancers.com.

7) There will be T-shirts, flowers and other items for sale  this year, by pre-order. Forms are  in the studio. Only limited amounts of unordered items will be available for sale at the school. Some people were disappointed last year, because we ran out of sizes. Don't be left out! ORDER ONLINE HERE!!!

8) REHEARSAL: The rehearsal for the recital  will be at the Hampton Bays Middle school, on Sunday, June 23, beginning at 11:30 am. Please read the schedule carefully. NO COSTUMES at the rehearsal unless otherwise stated. Students should wear dance clothes and bring appropriate shoes. The schedule will be handed out in June.

9)RECITAL: Sunday , June 23, 2019, 7:00pm show. Older students should arrive about 45 minutes before show time. All Tiny Tots in the first half should be brought backstage 15 minutes before the show is scheduled to start, dressed in costumes with their dance shoes on. Please do a potty run before bringing them backstage.   Tiny Tots in the second half of the show should be brought backstage during intermission, dressed , ready to go. At that time the first group of Tiny Tots should be picked up. There will be chaperones with them at all times. THE SHOW STARTS ON TIME!  NO PARENTS OF PERFORMING CHILDREN  should be backstage unless you have signed up as a volunteer.  No student may leave early, unless cleared by me ahead of time.  ALL Tiny Tots need to be backstage 3 routines before the end of the show to participate in the finale.
 MAKEUP:  A little makeup on all students is nice. On older students, foundation and full makeup is mandatory.
 SHOES: Must be in good shape, and all flat tap shoes must have velcro  or black elastic. Shoes cleaned and polished.
 JEWELRY: NONE: You may wear stud earrings,no rings(unless married), necklaces,bracelets, watches. Please leave all cell phones with parents, no  gaming items, calculators, etc. REDancers is  not responsible for any stolen items.
 COSTUMES: All pieces of your costumes are needed. LABEL EVERYTHING WITH YOUR NAME IN AN INCONSPICUOUS PLACE. This includes, shoes, hats, gloves. Bring extra tights if you can. Girls: no panties under costumes. EVERYONE: if you have to leave the dressing room for any reason, you must wear a Tee shirt or a jacket over your costumes. Bring a laundry basket with you, after each routine, just toss your costumes into the basket!  DO NOT THROW OUT ANY OF YOUR COSTUMES OR PIECES.  We may need them for next year!

10) LAST DAY OF CLASS: Saturday, June 22, 2019. There will be a party from 11:00-3:00 pm . All students, friends and family and parents are welcome, including those students who have class during the week. Weather permitting , there will be a bouncy house, and refreshments. You can also register for summer classes at that time.
 SCHEDULE CHANGE:Saturday, June 22, 2019.  All Tiny Tots together from 10:00 to 10:30.  Hip Hop and Ballet 1 from 10:30 to 11:00.  Party starts at 11:00.

11) SUMMER SCHOOL: BEGINS July 8, and runs for 5 weeks. Scheduled TBD.


13) You now have a variety of ways of getting information, from and about REDancers. We are on the web at www.redancers.com, You can email, at  redancers@gmail.com. Also like us on Facebook and Instagram, for important events and school closings. If we are closed due to bad weather, please check before driving in.

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